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Who Am I

My name is Terry Buffington and I am a professional artist. Along with doing commercial art projects for businesses I sketch my Pugs, Aphrodite, Persephone and Pandora, Gaia, Calliope and Mercury doing all the wonderful cute goofy mysterious things Pugs do on a daily basis and there sure are a lot of them aren't there?
This site contains Original paintings, prints, note cards and other various types of fine art and functional art that I have created. I have striven to give you the best quality on all of the articles I am selling, it is important to me as a Pug lover myself to represent the breed in a light hearted yet fine art manner. All of the items on this website are made by hand by me, none of my items are mass produced or commercially manufactured.
Since I started selling my little drawings in December of 1999 I have been surprised and delighted by all the wonderful responses I have received from many of you. I am pleased to state that Pug owned people are a special breed themselves and I want you to know I enjoy every email that we exchange. I am always trying to expand my little shop with additional items created to entice the Pug lover in all of us. I hope over time to write additional stories and create other such items that will enhance the breed that Aphrodite is a part of and give all the Pug owned people out there a place where they can get Pug items that they know were created by someone that loves Pugs as much as they do.

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How My Pugs Adopted Me

Aphrodite is the first Pug that adopted me. She is my most beloved little Pug and stole my heart the very first day that I saw her. She is a Pet store Pug and I feel very fortunate that she has been such a healthy happy little girl all these years. When I bought her I had no idea of the history behind the pet stores you see at so many malls. I only found out after I purchased her that she came from a puppy mill in Missouri and that she was much too young to have been taken away from her mother and shipped half way across the country. She is the light of my life and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to be her mother.
Aphrodites little sisters arrived in a rather different manner. I in fact was introduced to them through one of my clients who has since become like a sister to me and whom the girls call Gwamma. She knew Aphrodite was wishing for a sister and contacted me when one of her Pugs became pregnant. Since she is not a breeder and the manner in which it happened involved an emergency hospital trip for her and Pug sitting services by friends at a moments notice. Kizzy the girls Mommy was not fixed due to a medical condition so when she was staying with the other Pug she ...well... had a REALLY good time, LOL. When all returned home and she turned up pregnant Barb was mortified she told me she felt like her teenager came home pregnant from the prom! Haa haa haa. Any way since Kizzy was a Rescue she didn't feel right about "selling" the puppies but since she also had many of her own she really wasn't in a position to keep them. She remembered that Aphrodite wanted a little sister and contacted me to see if I wanted one of the puppies if it were a girl. I jumped at the chance and in the end got both Persephone and Pandora instead of just Persephone. The sisters are both black which makes a nice counter balance to Didee's Fawn coloring. Persephone is my tiniest at 15lbs and though she is tiny she is MIGHTY! She keeps me on my toes 24/7. Her sister Dora is completely opposite she is my largest girl though not fat she is just broader than the other 2. She is also a very calm sweet angelic child that rarely if ever gets in trouble. Callie arrived in my life after the passing of my beloved Aphrodite. My little bundle of joy, the most precious thing in the world to me. She came from a wonderful breeder and has champion bloodlines. She insists that I say she is royalty. My Little Princess. Mercury, my one and only boy, adopted ME. I was baby sitting him and his litter mates when he had the nerve to decide I was his Mommy and that he would have no other. I never wanted a boy but BOY OH BOY has ever ever been a surprise. He is my teddy bear, my champion, my one and only. A through and through Mamas Boy that I can't believe I am lucky enough to have. The final arrival was Gaia; the house guest that decided to never leave. She is our parimeter guard and walks the fence and house diligently each day keeping an eye out for vicious leaves and unruly flowers. A quiet sweet girl that is the happiest, most joyful, Pug I have ever met. I love ALL my babies to bits and cannot even begin to imagine my life without them in it. They have made me a better person and an even better artist.

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How To Shop My Website

Aphrodite wants you to know her site is run by the Paypal Shopping Cart. To shop simply click on any "Add To Cart" button under an items image and it will be added to your Paypal shopping cart. Once in the cart you can view your items at anytime by selecting the "View Cart" button at the bottom of the menu bar.
Even with a Paypal Shopping cart in use Aphrodite wants you to know she has kept your needs in mind and that you don't have to have a Paypal Account to shop on her Puggy site! You can use your credit card to pay for your purchases instead. All you have to do is select the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option during checking out. Remember there is no need to sign up for a Paypal account when choosing this option!
Aprodite understands that some items need additional views and descriptions so she asks that you click on these items images to have a seperate page load where she has included these details for you. When finished viewing these extra details simply close the seperate free standing window to return to the items shopping page. Thats IT Happy Shopping!

Order Completion Time

I am often asked how long it will take for someone to get an order from me once placed. Since EVERYTHING I sell is designed, created, packaged and shipped by ME I ask that you allow a bit extra time for arrival of your items than you would if you placed your order with say a huge company like Amazon Books. I do my best to fill orders on a First In - First Out basis BUT if you order a handpainted item that I have to let cure and then bake this takes a bit extra time and while I am waiting for these types of items I generally move on to the next order on the list and fill it. Then once your item is ready to ship I fill yours. As I said above its just me here with the Pugs and they for some reason refuse to do manual labor they say they are Goddesses and Goddesses do not work! LOL, but what this means for you is that there are times, especially around major holidays, when I get a lot of orders and things take a bit longer to leave the studio. I make EVERY attempt to get holiday orders out in time so that they arrive at their destination before the big day. I post order deadlines for the holidays on my website as soon as I find out the deadline from the post office for final mail days. Basically I ask that you allow me 2 weeks to get you your order unless I have a time delay posted on my website. A commissioned painting can take up to a month to complete depending on your choices and my schedule, IF you MUST have your portrait by a set date email me BEFORE placing your commission order and I will let you know if it is feasible or not. Thank you.

Return Policy:

I understand at times that you purchase something that just doesn't meet with your needs and you want to return it. I gladly accept returns with a few exceptions. Once you receive an original it cannot be returned. Any one-of-a-kind item once received cannot be returned. Ebay auction items cannot be returned. You are responsible for paying return shipping and making sure items arrive back here in an undamaged condition. This means items cannot have been removed from their plastic storage bag or box on your end and must be returned to me with their storage bag or box intact. Once I receive the item from you I will credit you back for its purchase price. All Shipping fees are non refundable.
I take great care in packaging all the items I sell. If you happen to recieve an item damaged please immediately take it along with the box it came in to your local post office. You must take the original shipping box with the shipping label showing it was Insured, along with any packaging, the broken item, and your receipt with you to post office. If you need me to re-email you an invoice showing that you paid for insurance and how much you paid please email me and I will gladly do so. Breakable items are shipped insured and you need to request your money back from the post office, I cannot do this for you as they must see the broken item as proof. The post office personnel can help you with any forms you need to fill out in order to get your money refunded. Once you have received your refund from the post office and you would like to re-order the broken item please re-visit the website and place a new order. Since you will have gotten your money back from the post office for the damaged item you will not be out any money. If your package is lost entirely please contact me and I will start a search through the USPS Priority Mail tracking system. If the post office cannot locate the package they will refund to me the insured amount and once I recieve that I will re-ship you out your order at no expense to you. If you have any questions concerning shipping of insured items please contact me or visit the website Once on the USPS website do a search on insurance claims to find more information and even forms online.

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Ask A Question

You can email me at:

If you prefer to talk to a real live person you can call me at: 678-971-9623
Studio hours are 10am to 5pm 7 days a week.
If I do not pick up (sometimes I'm creating something and don't have an extra hand to answer the phone) or if you call at other times of the day please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can. Thank you

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Aphrodite's Memorial Webpage

Visit Aphrodite's Memorial Page

Aphrodite's Memorial Page is done in honor of her and the wonderful Pug that she was. This page gives you a chance to meet the Pug that changed my life and started it all.

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Persephone's Memorial Webpage

Visit Persephone's Memorial Page

Persephone's Memorial Page honors her life of Pugness. Hopefully it shares a bit of the love I have for my charming little rascal of a Persie-kins

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