Custom Portraits

I don't have Add To Cart buttons on the custom painting page as there are many variables for you to decide on which can change the prices shown. Below you will see my standard prices for various custom items for you to choose from. Once you have decided on what you would like to have done please email me at:
or if you prefer you can call me at: 678-971-9623
Studio hours are 10am to 5pm 7 days a week. If I do not pick up (sometimes I'm creating something and don't have an extra hand to answer the phone) or if you call at other times of the day please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.
Once we chat and get the exact details agreed upon I will send you a Paypal invoice for you to submit your payment to me. During our communciation you can also email me the images of the pet(s) you want me to paint and I will give you an idea as to what will be possible with your chosen images. Sending me at least 6 different images gives me the most creative possiblities but if you have 1 photo of your pet you absolutely love and would like to have done as a painting I can do that as well.I consider myself an interactive artist and welcome your input on your artwork. I don't just paint Pugs I will paint any animal with legs (as in I don't do fish or snakes but all other pets are welcome). I have done paintings of dogs, cats, lizards, horses and birds.

Standard Painted Portraits

11x14 Watercolor Paper - $50 per dog in painting (1 Pug 50, 2 pug 100, 3 pug 150, etc) you can have as many dogs as you want in the painting its simply $50 a head.
11x14 Gallery Wrapped Stretched canvas - $75 per dog in painting, same rules apply as above.
Other sizes on the paintings are available from a small 3x4 inch to as large as you want to go; please email me for a quote on other sizes.

Other Styles of Portraiture

Your Pug Starring in Your Choice Of a Holiday Painting and Cards If you are interested in getting a holiday painting of your Pug along with cards, and it can be ANY holiday of YOUR CHOICE, not just Christmas. For this I just need a regular photo and based on what the Pug is doing in the photo I will creatively add in the appropriate holiday activities. The price for this will be $50 for an 11x14 original watercolor painting of YOUR 1 Pug (100 for 2 Pugs) doing something suitable for YOUR HOLIDAY and 4 printed cards of the finished design. OR if you don't want the original but need more cards you can get 12 cards for $40, 24 cards for $70, 36 cards for $90. Remember NOBODY will have YOUR DESIGN for the first year, I won't sell YOUR design to anybody but you for the first year, after that I am reserving the right to offer those designs I think might be popular to others. Please remember you can also personalize the interior greeting.

Your Pet on an Ornament

If you would be interested in getting YOUR Pug painted on an ornament please let me know your size preference either the jumbo 3 inch ball or the standard 2.5 inch ball. Pricing would be $30 for the jumbo ball and $20 for the standard sized ball. Please let me know if you have a color preference for the ball. All ornaments are made of glass not plastic. Standard choices are Red, Green, Blue, Ivory, Gold and Silver but if you have another preference I can see if I can find it.

Your Pet on a Mug

I offer hand painted mugs starring YOUR PUG! You can have just your Pugs portrait on the mug or if you prefer you can request a holiday hat, scarf, etc. I will add these to the image if requested. The price for 1 Pug on 1 mug will be $20. If you want to order several please let me know and I'll try to make the Pugs "match" in size and such on the side of the mugs for you. If you plan to do this PLEASE get your order in early as painting, drying, baking, curing of hand painted mugs takes time and can't be completed over night.

Your Pet on Glassware

I also do Pugs on wine glasses or other type drinking vessel please ask if you have a style you would like and I will see what I can do. I know I have wine, champagne, pilsner, juice and standard drinking styles available please ask for a price quote on these as some glasses are more expensive than others and I'll have to adjust the price accordingly. If you plan to do this PLEASE get your order in early as painting, drying, baking, curing of hand painted mugs takes time and can't be completed over night.

Sample of the Creative Process

Below you can see the basic steps to completing your portrait. I used the holiday painting and cards as the example since it encompasses all the steps. For a regular portraits I would simply use the photos you sent to make a standard painting as you saw on my website. For holiday ornaments and mugs I would do steps 1 -3 where step 3 is painted on the ornament rather than on paper. If possible I prefer around 6 different photos of your Pug so I have as many angles to work from as I can get since it allows me more creative freedom. I have and can work from less. Some people have an exact photo they love and want me to convert into a painting in this case I match it as closely as I can.

Step 1: Original photos Sent by client

Step 2: My Design Concept sketch

Step 3: Finished Watercolor Painting

Step 4: Completed Card Design