Pug Mommies Thoughts:

Tiny Puppy Didee

I can still remember the first time I met Didee. I wasn't even a dog person and she made me love her. Most of you know I got her from a pet store by way of my husband seeing her and coming home and telling me you have to come see this weird little dog. He also dangled the fact that the shop had a Blue Himalayan Persian kitten as well since at the time I thought I was a cat person, if I only knew right? I finally agreed to go and see what had fascinated him so much; little did I know my life as I knew it was about to change forever.

We walk into the pet store and cross over to the wall of glass fronted cages and there smack in the middle was this tiny round little creature wobbling about balancing on the floors wire rack trying not to slip off since her paws were too tiny for the cage floor. I was like what in the world is it? I read the sign and it said Pug, Fawn, Female...hmm that did little good as I didn't even know what a Pug was! My husband went off and got one of the girls to take this little ball of fluff out so I could see it. They told us to go wait in the play area and that they would bring her to us.

We went and sat in the play area and after a few minutes Aphrodite arrived. They placed her on the floor between us and left. Aphrodite wobbled to her little feet turned and looked at us before proceeding to attack my husband 13EEE shoe and shoe lace she was determined to win against his foot and it never occurred to her she wouldn't.  This little creature before me absolutely fascinated me I couldn't take my eyes off her. While we sat there and watched her play we talked about whether it was a good decision to get a dog. I was sort of on the fence I mean a dog is a lot of work right? I knew I had the money in my mad money fund which I was saving up to buy a flat file for storing large drawings and papers safely but did I really want to spend it on a dog instead?

My husband did say to me at one point and the reaction this caused in Aphrodite was the clincher for me. He said "you do know she's going to die before you right?" I'll admit it I wasn't really paying all that much attention to him as I was fascinated by this little adorable Pug-son playing in front of me. But when he said those fateful words she stopped playing turned and looked me straight in the eye and I swear I heard clear as day, "If you love me I'll never leave you". For me that was it I was in love I would have walked out of the store with her right then and there. She was mine and I was hers and that all there was to it as far as I was concerned. My husband being the more level headed of the two of us said okay lets go home and think about it if you still feel that way in the morning we'll come back and get her.

We went home and all night I couldn't get her out of my mind. I kept thinking of her in that cage with its too big mesh floor in a dark shop in the middle of a mall all by herself. I was worried she was frightened and could hardly sleep. Once morning arrived I waited with baited breath until it was time for the mall to open. We rushed back all the while I worried and fretted that someone else had bought MY Pug. When we arrived I was so relieved to see her there and she turned and looked at me as if to say, "Well it took you long enough; lets go!"

I quickly went up and began filling out the paperwork to purchase her and all the while I was doing this the various members of the staff kept coming up and placing items on the counter next to me. As they set each item down they would say; Oh she loved this toy or this is her favorite squeaky toy or you have got to see her in this collar, she likes being brushed with this brush, etc etc. Everyone working there loved her so much that she rarely spent any time in the kennel since they took her out carried her around, played with her, and dressed her up all day long. By the time I added all the "extras" to the stack of books, bowls and food I spent as much on all that as I did on her! She may have come from a puppy mill but she was treated like royalty by the staff that worked at the pet shop.

As we were leaving they came up with a cardboard carrier and said she needs to ride in this the mall doesn't let animals in and once you get outside she'll be frightened and will feel safer in here. I was like uh ok not having a clue mind you. We got in the car and it took all of 5 seconds before she was out of the carrier and plopping her little bum on the seat between my husband and I looking around as if to say, "Great now where to?" She wasn't frightened she was excited and wanted to see and do everything!

We brought her home and I'll admit I struggled with a name for her at first since nothing sounded right then as I was laying there playing with my new love it came to me... Aphrodite, since only the goddess of love could make me fall in love with a D O G. Didee as she came to be known later informed me she was a P U G not a D O G thank you very much.

I still remember the first time we played a serious game of tug toy with her first toy a little stuffed Winnie the Pooh Doll and right in the middle of the game she topples over on her side and starts snoring louder than the TV. I thought for sure I had killed her but when I scooped her up she opened one eye and looked at me to say, "Give me just a minute for a quick nap then we can play some more!" Playtime was always serious business for her and she was so smart and such a fast learner that we taught her lots of fun games and she even taught us a few games of her own! I also remember the first time she got she hiccups and I rushed her to the vet thinking it was life threatening only to have Dr. Gregory pat me one the back pick her up pat her on the back until we both calmed down and the hiccups disappeared. Dr Gregory has always been a great vet he never once made fun of me when I would rush her in for some silly thing because he understood my love for her.

I was totally and completely in love with her and she loved me back with the ferociousness of a little lion. When I tried to treat her like a DOG she set me straight; that as a Pug she had certain standards and expectations that I as her Mommy had better learn right quick.  One day while I was reading my books on how to take care of a Pug she toddled up plopped down in the middle of the page looked up at me and said, "You don't need to read this I'll tell you everything you need to know." and she did; she taught me all about love, life and laughter. Whenever I wasn't sure what she needed or wanted she would guide me towards the correct choices until we became so in sync that I knew what she needed before she would say anything and she knew what I needed without my having to say anything.


When Didee came to live with us my husband and I were running our photography studio and exhibiting artwork around the country. I was also doing large mural paintings of Greek and Roman settings but Didee had other ideas. She did not like us shutting her out of the studio and insisted that she be allowed IN. I learned early on the sound of her "I'm Didee, I'll Do what I want" bark and just what it meant if I didn't allow her to... well ... do what she wanted LOL. She distracted me more and more from my serious "art" with her antics and demands until one day I finally said Fine you want all my attention well then you're going to have to be my model. I started photographing her and she adored it and I do mean ADORED IT. This was in a time before digital so I had a Polaroid camera which I ehem "attempted" to photograph her with. Those of you with Pug puppies know just how fast they can move! I got many a blurry brown blob or just a curly tail or paw. I started taking a picture then showing it to her and telling her now look if you want to participate you have to let me get you IN the frame and showing her the blur that was supposed to be her. After that little conversation whenever I would take her picture she would run up and try to grab the picture from the camera before I could after all it was HER photo and she wanted to see it for herself!

Over time I learned to capture her image in sketches as well as photographs until I had quite a stack of them and my husband suggested I try selling one on this new website called eBay. I was like why not? If it sells I can buy more film and paper to capture her with. And that my friends is how Pugaboo came to exist and prosper online.

Didee was never afraid or intimidated by anything in her little world. Well okay not quite true; she was afraid of the dark and would never go into a dark room by herself, but that's what Mommies are for to chase away the scary monster isn't it? She loved to explore and figure things out and she always seemed to have her own unique way of explaining the things going on around her in the world and she gladly shared her insights with me. As you know we found out right away how much she liked riding in the car and when we took her on her first trip well lets just say she would not have cared if we never went home. She adored traveling and spent her time looking out the window from her specially bought Pug Car Seat, taking naps, playing with her toys, snacking on cookies, to anxiously awaiting and sometimes demanding take-out through the drive through at McDonalds where her favorite breakfast was a Sausage and egg biscuit and one of her favorite sandwiches was the McRib. When we would stop at rest stops to let her go potty she would greet everybody there as if it were HER rest stop and she was oh so glad they stopped by just to see her.

When we would stop for the night she would check out each bed before rolling around on her choice and sprawling out as if stating okay this one is mine. She was also fascinated by the indoor pool she found in the room (as in the TUB!) and would run into the bathroom and bark until I turned on the water so she could see it filling up the tub, she didn't want a bath she just wanted to know that if she cared to she could go swimming anytime she wanted! Once we would be settled in she would demand ROOM SERVICE. She loved room service and when the food would arrive her little eyes would glow brightly in anticipation of what was under all those lovely shiny lids! Traveling with Didee was quite the adventure and she always seemed to make even the most ordinary things magical with her exuberance and curiosity.
 Didee traveled as far south as Key West and as far north as Niagara Falls she became quite the seasoned traveler and always enjoyed every minute of the adventures we had together on the road. She loved meeting people and exploring new places and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing it all through her eyes.

Over the years as Didee got older she was always happiest when she was close to me and I was always happiest when she was close to me. I knew I would not have her forever but I wanted to think I could keep her with me if I was just careful enough and loved her enough. She was the happiest little Pug I have ever met, she was the light of my life and I'll miss her forever. I hope that by continuing to write about her life and adventures I can keep a small bit of her close to me; I hope you will all stay around to participate in my journey as a Pug Mommy. I hope that you will all enjoy Persie and Dora's upcoming adventures as well as the occasional tale about an adventurous little Pug named Didee who captured the heart of the world within her tiny paws.